Evidence-Based Mobile Intervention for Stress and Depression: The Serene App Study

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Self-Compassion and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Mobile Intervention (Serene) for Stress and Depression: Promoting Adaptive Emotional Regulation and Wisdom

Summary of the Results

Your very own private journal.

Record your mood, thoughts and feelings after every session. Making journaling a habit is now super easy.

Solve challenges in your life and develop action plans.

Serene's unique cognitive techniques helps you cope with any challenges.

Meditate, Anytime & Anywhere.

Browse through an extensive list of guided mindfulness meditations.

Serene helps you lower stress.

Feel calm, relaxed and serene using research-backed techniques.

Different meditations, for all occasions.

Guided mindfulness meditations covering many topics and situations.

Meditative, atmospheric nature soundscapes.

Transport yourself back to nature with atmospheric sounds.